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My name is Sara and I am the voice behind Koppa 7 Adventures. We are a full time, traveling family who worldschool our 5 kids.  Our goal is to show others that you can evaluate your families needs and make changes based on your interests and values. That doesn’t mean that traveling full time is for everyone, but the principles that we show ARE. You can live unconventionally AND be successful. Follow along for travel inspiration, lifestyle inspiration, and more.


In addition, I am a travel writer for numerous tourism boards and magazines. From time to time, you may see sponsored posts or articles; however, the opinions and experiences are completely factual and 100% mine. 



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Our retreats will fill your cup by gaining a sense of community with other like-minded women and providing experiences that will recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Check out some testimonials from past atendees below.

Canadian Rockies

Dates: September 19th-24th, 2023

Costa Rica

Dates: March 10th-16th, 2024

Ireland & Northern Ireland

Dates: May 18th- 24th, 2024

Iceland Midnight Sun Edition

Dates: July 8th-14th, 2024



“I came into the retreat thinking I was seeking adventure and “me time” but I found so much more: friendship, guidance, community, inspiration…I am so grateful to you for creating such a well balanced retreat that really allowed me to expand my definition of happiness and a life well lived.”



“This was my first retreat ever and it exceeded my expectations. I was coming down here to hang out with some awesome women and go on adventures, but I got so much more out of this experience. The adventures were absolutely amazing and bucket list items (swimming with whale sharks), but the small chats in the car or at the dinner table were a huge highlight for me that I didn’t even expect. Getting to know each other more and sharing stories, experiences, and adventures was incredibly inspiring to me, grounding, and filled me with gratitude and joy.”



“Thank you Sara for creating scared spaces. Scared spaces for women to come together from all over the world and join other women on a journey back to themselves. I feel so honored to be a part of your retreat…Your creativity is a gift and your spirit for adventure is contagious.”



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Crossing the Border and Driving an RV through Baja, Mexico

Crossing the Border and Driving an RV through Baja, Mexico

Baja, Mexico is one of the most beautiful places we have driven to from the USA. However, driving the roads in Baja are not for the faint of heart! View of stunning bay in Baja California, Mexico We decided to drive through the Baja peninsula for the first time while...

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Renting A Car and Driving in Iceland

Renting A Car and Driving in Iceland

Renting a vehicle in Iceland gives you the ultimate freedom to travel where you want to go and at your own pace! However, it is always a little scary when you rent a car in a different country. Driving laws may be different and road signs are unfamiliar. In my...

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